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Geography at St Matthew’s

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At St. Matthew’s we deliver a high quality geography curriculum which inspires in pupils a curiosity and interest about the world and its people.  We want children to foster a love of learning for geography, as well as helping contextualise both the local area and beyond. The progression of knowledge and skills builds from Early Years, through KS1 and into KS2 to facilitate confidence in the pupils we teach, when they are learning about the wider world. We ensure they leave St. Matthew’s with deep and accurate knowledge and skills for their next stage in education, through a mixture of lessons in the  classroom as well as through our varied residential trips and local fieldwork.


At St Matthew’s geography is taught in a variety of ways, both in and out of the classroom. This ensures a high level of engagement and interest. This level of flexibility within the subject delivery, allows for cross-curricular links to be made, as geography is often taught alongside other subjects (such as History and Science). As a school, we make sure to take advantage of our local area and resources, as we believe it provides important context to the skills they learn within geography, and can support them in placing themselves within the wider world. The skills learnt by the children build from Early Years, allowing for progression to be evident throughout the year groups, practising in a range of ways, both theoretically and practically.


The impact of the intent and implementation is that children at St. Matthew’s are equipped with the geographical skills and knowledge that will enable them to continue their journey as a geographer into Key Stage 3, as well as a life-long interest in the wider world. Through our high-quality teaching, we inspire curiosity, as well as providing our pupils with opportunities to experience how the environment around them is impacted and influenced by humans. The skills and knowledge to make comparisons and recognise similarities across a wide range of continents, communities, and landscapes are scaffolded for the pupils, so that they leave St Matthew’s as confident, capable geographical learners.

Please click here to see the Geography progression map.