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'Do unto others as you would have them do to you'. (Mt 7.12)

St Matthew's Primary

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French at St Matthew’s

Friendship, Discovery, Prayer


In Key Stage 2 at St Matthew’s each class has an hour a week of French, with teaching based on the objectives of the National Curriculum Languages Programme of Study.


Pupils are able to develop their listening and speaking skills and to begin to present their ideas orally and in writing. We explore the patterns and sounds of language to help the children develop accurate spelling and pronunciation.  


French Progression of Skills


Teachers use The Language Angels approach for the teaching of French across the Key Stage 2 classes.  Please see the progression of skills for each Year group.


Our approach to language teaching is designed to ensure children develop a positive attitude towards language learning, to build their confidence, to develop their awareness of different languages and cultures and to give them some basic language learning skills that provide a solid foundation for future language learning opportunities. 


In Year 6, the school organises a very popular residential trip to Normandy in France, during which the children have opportunities to put into practice some of the skills they have been working on.