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'Do unto others as you would have them do to you'. (Mt 7.12)

St Matthew's Primary

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Class Worship

Year 2

In year 2 class worship we read a creation story from the Bible and talked about how we were guardians of our world.

Year 3

Our class value is gentleness.  We brought teddies and showed the school how to be gentle with them.  We had a gentle word jar and every time someone was gentle, a pompom was put in the jar.  In our drama show, Jesus was on the Mount of Olives showing gentleness towards Mary Magdalene.  This was an example to show gentleness to all.


Year 4

In Year 4, our Class Worship subject was joy, which is our fruit of the spirit. We found out that there was a clothes shop named Joy (maybe because they liked selling stuff) but we were talking about the proper meaning. We sang an old Christian song which goes, ' Give me joy in my heart keep me praising, give me joy in my heart I pray, give me joy in my heart keep me praising, keep me praising till the break of day!'

We thought our topic was really important, because we should all express and feel joy as much as we can! We also looked at a quote from Mother Teresa, which helped us think about joy too.

Caroline and Albie


 Year 5

Our class value is patience.  We did a class worship on patience.  We acted out some scenes on how to be patient. One of them was not getting mad at yourself  if you are struggling at something.  Another one was being patient with others. We also performed a poem and thought about all the people in the bible who were patient, Job, Abraham and Sarah. 

It was great fun!


By Benedict