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'Do unto others as you would have them do to you'. (Mt 7.12)

St Matthew's Primary

Friendship • Discovery • Prayer

Year 4 - Hawthorne Class

Teachers - Mrs Witchlow, Mrs Glanville


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Year 4 highlights:



 Anglo-Saxon day!

Year 4 had a blast participating in our Anglo-Saxon workshop! We had a packed day, including learning all about the origins of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, the rules of fox and geese (an Anglo-Saxons board game), retelling the story of Beowulf, as well as learning some battle moves! We even got to handle some artefacts! 




Trip to Raynes Park Library!

Year 4 went on a wonderful trip to Raynes Park Library, where we completed a scavenger hunt all about books, and also learned how to borrow books! 



Pen-pal project with West Wimbledon! 

Year 4 worked amazingly hard on their letters to the children at West Wimbledon Primary, and were so excited to receive their replies!  

Trip to the British Museum: 

Year 4 had a brilliant time at the British Museum, hunting for hieroglyphs, discovering mummies as well as exploring the exhibits! 

Year 4 British Museum 23

 Year 4 enjoyed a special visit this week!

In KS2, St Matthew’s participated in a workshop about ‘Building a new world together’. We learned about different materials made from some surprising things, including orange peel, mushrooms, and even old sinks and toilets! We then designed our own houses, inspired by something we throw away at home! 



Year 4 have really enjoyed taking part in celebrations for King Charles III coronation today! All the entries for the St Matthews Bake Off Competition were stunning! Such a variety of all things baked and delicious, and such creative decorations too! 

We were incredibly lucky to join Year 3 in interviewing Mrs Smith's Grandma, and the class really enjoyed asking her questions about her memories of previous coronations, as well as about her life. 

The class really enjoyed making their own crowns, and they were very creative in their designs! All in all, a fabulous day! 

Year 4 Coronation





These last few weeks have a been a bit of a busy time in Year 4! We had an amazing day exploring all things Anglo-Saxon this week through our Anglo-Saxon workshop! The workshop included some historic and geographic context, daily life and artefact handling,  how to play the board game 'fox and geese', an amazing quiz, weapons and armour, as well as re-enacting the Battle of Maldon! 



Year 4 had a blast participating in a Design and Technology cooking workshop! The themes of the workshop were cooking without heat, healthy eating, and knife skills. The children enjoyed working together to make the recipes (beetroot hummus and a nut-free Waldorf salad), but enjoyed tasting their creations even more! 



Year 4 have been throwing themselves in to writing some amazing poetry all around the subject of the environment! They had the freedom to choose their form of poetry, but some popular types included: acrostic poems, free verse with rhyme, and even some narrative poetry, well done! 


Year 4 really enjoyed working with Year 3 during internet safety day to learn about the theme for this year 'Lets talk about it'.

They made some information posters to raise awareness of how to stay safe online.

Year 4 safer internet day