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'Do unto others as you would have them do to you'. (Mt 7.12)

St Matthew's Primary

Friendship • Discovery • Prayer

Year 6 - Maple class

Teachers - Mr Doyle and Mrs Sullivan.


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Autumn Topic Overview

Spring Topic Overview


2023 -2024  

Spring Term

In Art, we have been studying different artists of the 20th Century, including John Singer Sargent. We recreated his famous (and huge) painting 'Gassed'. 


Autumn Term

Christmas fun 

Each morning, the class was being tricked and bamboozled by a certain Jerry Berry. Whether he was playing Operation in Mr Doyle's cupboard, using present bows to try and scale the window, making snow angels or attempting to start a mass snowball fight at 845am, our very own little elf kept us all in great Christmas spirit (thanks to the lovely Mrs Sullivan).

Here is the photo evidence taken by PC Doyle in investigating this naughtiness...



From angles of incidence to refraction, we enjoyed learning about light. We used our knowledge of how light travels and reflection to plan a defence against the roving Macedonian army led by Alexander the Great. We also conducted experiments on refraction using water.

General Belle testing our mirror 'defences'

Captains Seb and Valeri seem pleased with their mirror defence preparations 

The boys experimenting with refraction and distortion of light using water


Ancient Greece

Mr Doyle's favourite topic was jam-packed with such memorable learning moments: our trip to the British Museum; discussing who was better - Napoleon vs Alexander the Great; our love letters to Penelope, reading the final chapter of The Odyssey whilst re-enacting the gory final battle, finally settling (democratically) which was the greatest polis, and finally the Exinaia. What a term of beautiful journeys and glorious study! 

Below are a collection of photographs charting our course through Ancient Greece:

Athens wins by ONE VOTE!

Just some Greek ladies enjoying the Exinaia

A group of Athenians act out a scene from The Odyssey - in this scene you can see Odysseus tricking Polyphemus, the Cyclops, who is caring for his flock.


Poor Paris is forced to choose which of the three great Goddesses is the most beautiful as Hermes lingers in the background


Welcome to the Class of 2024 - A brave and intrepid group of learners who sailed into the Sea of Knowledge in a trireme this term, alongside great heroes like Achilles, Herakles (and the Kraken) and, of course, - Odysseus. We will update this page with lots of the fun learning we encountered on our perilous journey soon!


Coronation Celebrations

We have a glorious time in Year 6 celebrating the momentous and historic occasion - with singing, games and -of course - the Great St Matthew's Bake Off! 

Cause for particular celebration, too, as a member of our class was awarded the Bake off Apron for KS2! Congratulations!



D&D Club

The intrepid adventurers have advanced past Cragmaw Cave, having defeated the Bugbear defending it and are now blundering around Phandalin getting into all sorts of trouble. We are very excited to see where their adventure leads next...

Matilda: The Musical!

The Year 6 production has been revealed! The wonder and magic of Matilda will be gracing the stage this Summer. With auditions beginning this week, we are very excited!


Class Assembly Our class assembly, like all of the classes at St Matthew's was based on our Fruit of the Spirit: Love. We thought about a Bible story that was a good example of love - 'The Prodigal Son'. 




 Year 6 Trip to Imperial War Museum to make documentaries about primary sources from WW2. Please watch our brilliant work! 

 We were tasked by a documentary maker to join the ranks of information seekers, and to share what we could learn in our exploration of the fascinating WWII exhibition. We had an hour to seek out information, formulate presentations on the fly and record what we found to share with the world. 














We enjoyed PE last half term, visiting the local courts to show them our skills! We developed our shot technique and played tournaments.